Real Estate Investing


Accountants, Bookkeepers and the Real Estate Investor

Managing the finances associated with real estate investing can be complex. With confusing tax laws, accounting rules, and significant implications for decisions and actions made in these areas – investors need the sound advice and services of professional accountants that know the laws, rules and tax implications of real estate accounting.

As an investors’ portfolio grows, even simple bookkeeping duties can become burdensome and time consuming. Errors made by an investor in this area can become costly quickly.

Professionals that can advise the investor and ensure all accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities are handled correctly are extremely important and can have significant impact on success for investors.

When seeking professionals in this area, it is very important to find experts that are very familiar with the nuances of real estate investing so that errors are not made, while also taking advantage of all available accounting rules and tax laws.

In some cases a tax lawyer/attorney may also be warranted to assist in this area.

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