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Select Title and Escrow Companies that Support Real Estate Investors

When it’s time to finalize and close a deal, you’ll need to work with a Title and Escrow company to complete the purchase and transfer of ownership. As an investor, you may be completing transactions that are a little different than the typical retail home purchaser. It can be to your advantage to have a relationship with a Title and Escrow service that understands and works with these types of situations.

What is Different for a Real Estate Investor When it Comes to Escrow, Title and Closings?

Working with a company familiar and comfortable with assignments, double closings, and non-traditional financing is important. Additionally companies that can perform in multiple states-everywhere you intend to do business and who are able to complete quick closings is key and important part of your investing success team.

Sometimes you may need to use a Title or Escrow service desired by the other party in your real estate transaction, you shouldn’t let this lead to a breakdown to what otherwise is a good deal and investment. However, it will usually be to your advantage to work a company that you know well, you trust and that understands you as an investor.

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