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Real Estate Investing, Your Path to Wealth

Real estate investing has long been described as one of the best methods for generating wealth, and for good reason. While there are certainly risks involved, investing in real estate can provide a number of benefits that simply can’t be matched by other investment vehicles.

That’s why we consider real estate to be the “number one mode” for achieving significant, lasting, generational wealth. There are, however, many different strategies and tactics that can be used to create wealth with real estate and it can be confusing for the beginning investor.

ModeOne Real Estate, Your Resource and Roadmap

This site is a collection of content and information compiled from this beginner’s investment journey into the world of real estate investing. It contains a brief and consumable level of content to serve as an introductory guide, saving the novice real estate investor-or even the experienced investor – the most scarce resource, your time.

You’ll find simple to consume information from what can seem to be a sea of information on the topic. This information will serve as a refuge from the gurus, and even some charlatans hawking courses, seminars, “insider secrets” and exclusive mentorships.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours on education, thousands of dollars on programs, coaches and mentors and participated in communities to learn what you find here. We’ve learned over time and effort that there really aren’t many (any!) secrets in this business that you need to pay large fees to obtain.

Start With Simplicity

While there are many ways to build wealth with Real Estate, a basic break down of the available approaches uncovers wealth building strategies that are fairly “simple”. The core strategies can be simple, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be easy to implement. Executing the strategies will take focused effort.

You’ll never know everything, it will be a constant journey of learning and a growth mindset will serve you well. Building the knowledge to execute will take an investment of time for your education. As you then begin to execute, you’ll have some inevitable missteps along the way, see those as further education.

The rewards for perseverance can be significant, there are many who have been down the path ahead of you to prove that. While the information to become successful with real estate investing is widely available it’s easy to get distracted and bounce from one idea, or strategy to another.

There is a need to be clear on your personal goals and objectives, then effort expended to identify a suitable plan and appropriate strategies that will enable you to meet those goals. It’s then up to you to take massive action, which is the only way to be truly successful.

Stay Focused, Avoid Overwhelm

As you begin to research, your social media feeds will quickly become targeted with ads and messages from a number of gurus and self-proclaimed experts promoting programs, courses and products – all promising insider secrets that will launch you quickly to unlimited wealth.

Be cautious and don’t get overwhelmed, avoid heading down rabbit holes and chasing shiny objects that deplete your capital and ultimately don’t get you to the destination you envision. Refer back here, before being pulled into a whirlwind of promises and gimmicks.

A healthy dose of skepticism (why isn’t the promoter spending their time investing and growing their deals instead of selling expensive programs?) is warranted.

When the various options are all broken down, it can really by pretty simple to understand the basic concepts and the various available strategies. It’s likely information required to execute the strategies and ideas being promoted are available without incurring much, or at least significant cost.

We’ll provide some references to some of those programs and resources you might want to consider once you have a basic foundation and education, but don’t overpay for the basics.

Start with the importance of developing an investor mindset.

Follow the steps from there, working through overviews on investing types, then dive into the strategies that fit your personal situation. We’ll point you to inexpensive or free resources to go deeper into those strategies and tactics.

Stay Connected, Keep Informed

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The content here is freely available, and we encourage you to share with others that may benefit.

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