Real Estate Investing



Who is ModeOne Real Estate Investing?

We like to think of real estate as the number one mode for achieving significant and lasting wealth.

Real Estate is the mode of wealth building that has been around for eons. While its been a method use to create wealth for so long, there are still many different ways to create wealth with Real Estate – and that can seem confusing. When the various options are all broken down for building wealth with real estate, it can really by pretty simple to understand. 

Our mission is to provide information that teaches the basics of Real Estate Investing. We provide examples and explanation of some of the different strategies available and introduce you to the jargon and terminology of the industry.

There are plenty of options out there to learn this information, and unfortunately, many of them entice you into paying for expensive programs and courses (sometimes into the tens of thousands of dollars) to learn what is freely available on the web, in low cost books and through a little effort on your part. How do we know? We’ve been there.

Start here, and use this concise information to then build a plan for where you would like to go next in your investing career. That might include more extensive education, mentoring or coaching – but don’t through your money around blindly. With a core set of knowledge, you can leverage other education resources, programs, tools or information that we’ll point you to, and you can then make a more information decision and wiser choices with your dollars – save more of those dollars for the actual investing!