Real Estate Investing


Attorneys Are Critical Members of the Real Estate Investors Team

An attorney that specializes in real estate and property law and has a deep understanding of the legal aspects of real estate investing is extremely important to your success. Real estate investing can involve large financial transactions and carry significant liability risk. An attorney can advise and handle the creation of a legal business structure and establish the legal entities that can protect your personal assets and provide privacy.

An attorney can help you create and review the many legal contracts that are required for sound real estate investing. They will also be able to help you navigate property and tenant laws specific to the location where you are investing. Location expertise is critical as laws can vary by state, county, city and even at the home owners association level.

Attorney’s handle litigation when necessary, and if consulted regularly will work to keep you out of litigation as well.

Do I Really Need an Attorney?

The answers to this is, unequivocally, YES! You absolutely need an attorney that understands real estate, investing and property law as part of your team, the fees you’ll pay will far offset risks and the costs of not having proper legal representation and advice.

You need an attorney to help with legal aspects of structuring your investment deals, up front. You will need sound legal advice and representation when you find yourself in legal disputes and lawsuits, because in this business it is a question of when, not whether that will occur.

This is not an area of expertise that you should attempt to handle yourself. Likewise, you need to carefully select an attorney that understands the specific types of law related to the investing strategies that you are pursuing.

Pursuing a strategy that involves using creative financing for your deals? You need an attorney experienced with contract and law related to Subject To transactions, Seller Financing, Land Contracts, approaches for establishing real estate ownership business entities and more.

Plan on managing long term, mid term or short term rental properties? An attorney that knows landlord tenant laws, zoning regulations, legal aspects of working with HOAs, county and city regulations.

Building and developing real estate? An attorney that can structure your business, your partnerships, knows development related zoning, environmental law and more.

Just like you wouldn’t hire an electrician to install your kitchen cabinets, you want the right type of experienced attorney to keep you out of trouble based on the strategies you pursue.

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